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Training is the foundation of our organization at Insulators Local 3.  The importance of being able to supply skilled journeyman mechanics and apprentices to our contractors is our number one priority.  To have a skilled workforce is what allows our contractors to compete on all levels within the Mechanical Insulation and Firestopping industries.

Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors, combined with on-the-job training ensures a professional workforce.  The Mechanical Insulation and Firestopping industries are consistently changing with new materials coming to market each and every year.   These new materials are more energy efficient and so knowledge of their installation procedures is of vital importance to the End Users and Owners.  If you're an experienced journeyman who is not a part of Insulators Local 3, come join our team today if you want to be with the best in the industry!

Our local apprenticeship program consists of a four-year program.  Apprentices are trained in the fabrication and application of various types of insulation and protective jacketing systems used in the commercial and industrial Mechanical Insulation industry.  All apprentices and members also receive training in Firestopping, Infectious Control Risk Assessment, and numerous other certifications.