Territorial Jurisdiction

Please be advised that the map below is intended as a close approximation of the jurisdictional borders. Should any questions arise regarding territorial jurisdiction, please contact the union hall.





It is hereby agreed that the provisions of this agreement shall be binding upon the Employers individually and as members of the ICA and upon the membership of the Union individually and as members of the Union within the following counties: Ashtabula (the townships of Ashtabula, Austinburg, Geneva, Jefferson, Plymouth, and Saybrook), Lake, Geauga, Cuyahoga, Lorain, Huron, Erie (to Sandusky city limits). 



The expense rate outside of Cuyahoga County but within the thirty (30) mile radius zone map shall be Eight ($8.00) Dollars per day without any additional transportation or time charge. The area beyond the thirty (30) mile zone, up to and including sixty (60) mile zone Sixty Mile Zone Map) will have a board and expense rate of Eighteen ($18.00)Dollars per working day. The conditions shall be the same beyond the sixty (60) mile zone except that seven (7) days board and expense shall be paid for five (5) day’s work if the job runs more than one (1)week.  If the job works less than five(5) days, the Eighteen ($18.00) Dollars board and expense shall be paid per day.