About Us

Our membership has been at the forefront of commercial and industrial mechanical insulation since receiving our Charter from our International in 1910; working with our Signatory Contractors throughout the decades to provide Cleveland and Northern Ohio with the most highly trained, productive workforce in the mechanical insulation business.

Throughout the years, Local #3 members have provided their skills to ensure quality construction on every type of facility imaginable. Iconic industrial jobs include numerous steel mills; petrochemical, coal and gas plants; nuclear generating facilities, agricultural and food processing plants; marine insulation applications, and numerous other industrial sites.

Commercially, our members have worked in educational institutions at every level from local neighborhood schools to world class universities and research laboratories, world renowned hospitals and many other office, government and public institutions located within Northeast Ohio.

Our members are the most highly trained, productive and experienced installers in the firestopping industry. Members have performed work in numerous facilities throughout Northeastern Ohio including nuclear power plants, hospitals, schools, etc.

Now more than ever, with the cost of energy and demanding budgets, it only makes sense to have a properly designed and installed mechanical insulation and firestop plan, whether it is new construction or retrofit of a preexisting facility. An energy audit performed by our highly trained and experienced Thermographer will show you where your energy loss is greatest and make recommendations on how to correct any deficiencies found so the client can realize the best return on investment possible. Remember, mechanical insulation is the best friend a budget has ever had.